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Wilderness Vets
Changing Lives For Good!

Wilderness Vets  
Way of Wisdom Warriors

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Family Community Nature Connection
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Wilderness Vets Are
Active Service Members
Who have served in an 
Active War Zone.
of course
Their families
 who have been with them
 every step of the way!

We are Community!!

Wilderness Vets is all about 
Wilderness Vets meets weekly
sharing our experiences
learning new ways to 
explore this amazing world.
Then monthly
 we get together and 
have a shared 
day long experience
in nature.
Our full day experience may be a planned hike
it may be volunteering with a local community nature group.
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Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Greatest Sermon Ever
2006 Neil deGrasse Tyson closes the three day lecture series with an excellent final "sermon" on cosmic perspective and the impact of science. Notice Dawkins in the audience.
Wilderenss Vets
Weekly Experiences
Together we  explore  the many  elements needed for journeys into the deeper wilderness.
Please bring:
Small blanket, noise maker, a small jar with lid for water, a journal and pen 
Snacks To Share
and of course! your open heart!
donations welcome!

medicine-wheelConnecting With All Life!
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Wilderness Vets
 is an Oregon non-profit
It is
A program for anyone 
who has been in an 
Active War Zone.
Support our vets and their families

Libi kavanah
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Wilderness Vets 
Ongoing Series
'into the wild!'
Our weekly meetings
 are divided into 5 ongoing sessions.
Each 5 week session is 
 focused on a particular
 aspect of 
venturing into the Wilderness.
warrior hike
 Whether your desire is to have 
simple walks in nature
or to explore
challenging aspects of a 
wilderness experience
or to join our 
volunteer day experiences,
Wilderness Vets 
change all of our lives
Come and Explore
Our Natural World!
Class topics may include:
The Elements,Navigation,Trailblazing, Equipment,Nourishment,Our Bodies, Seasons, Wildlife, Safety,Training,Wildcraft,
Natural Resources,Journal keeping, Stewardship
all ways
Natural Peace!!!!!!

Changing Lives for Good!
6:30 to 9pm
For a WV Program
 in your area
Please Contact
Libi Kavanah

Donations gladly accepted!
Donations are used to provide room space rentals if needed as well as food, clothing, toiletries etc to vets and their families
 in need.
 Donations are used to assist vets and their families with  emergency money for unexpected bills such as electricity, rent or transportation.
Donations also contribute to making our wilderness excursions affordable and available for every one. 
At each meeting there is a basket for material goods and a jar for monetary donations.
There are no questions asked about who takes any of this. 
We don't need to say we use 'the honor' system.
That's understood.
We are

5 Week Journeys 
The Wilderness Within
Music, Meditation, Balance
Choose to participate in
 One AWESOME Fieldtrip 
into the 
Natural Wild!
At the end of each 5 week session
 there is an OPTIONAL
 day long field trip offered.

Come and explore
the natural beauty that surrounds us
every where we are!
(additional cost may be required)
Wilderness Vets 
Day Long Field Trips
Together we journey
 out into the land that 
sustains, supports and nourishes us.
( additional cost may be required)
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Looonnnger Wilderness Trips!!
 are offered throughout the year.
Wilderness Adventures
Watch our newsletter and Facebook page for an upcoming event!
(additional cost may be required)
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Day Long journeys 
(additional cost may be required)

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3 Day Journeys
(additional cost may be required)

Wilderness Vets
 joins with local
 Mountaineering Clubs,
 Running Groups,
 Wilderness Groups 
Cycling Groups
Kayaking Groups
Fishing Groups
Horseback riding Groups
Backpacking and Hiking Groups
3 to 10 Days
Wildereness Experiences
See our newsletter or Facebook
 for upcoming 
(additional cost may be required)
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Wilderness Vets
Deep Wild Experiences
3 to 10 days of 
Deep Wilderness Experience
Watch for upcoming trips
Wilderness Vets Newsletter
(additional cost may be required)
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Wilderenss Vets Basic
Each 5 week session explores elements needed for journeys into the deeper wilderness.
Please bring:
Small blanket, noise maker, a small jar with lid for water, a journal and pen and 
Snacks To Share
of course! your open heart!
Donations Welcome!

Libi kavanah

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" The PCT was the Best Failure I've ever had!'
 Nayr'o Ybbob 
Afghanistan Vet
people around campfire

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As always, this is an "at risk" activity; by attending you agree to hold harmless the organizers, and all other members attending this event. You are responsible for your own safety

Wilderness Vets Foundation is an 
Oregon Based Non-Profit Corporation.

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