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Journeys to Joy 
The Heart of the Heart
Libi Kavanah

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Journeys of JOY!
Journeys of the Heart 
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Journeys to Joy
The Heart of The Heart

drum-spark-hebJourney into
The Heart of Music
Musical Journeys into our own 
'heart oneness' healing space. 
The vibration of 
sound~song connects 
 us to all our un1verse

Journey into 
The Heart of Peace
Dreaming Beautiful Worlds into Being!
Dance Sing Drum Move Journey Strengthen
Our connection to all

despacho 2Journey into 
The Heart of Ceremony
Ceremony  is a unique and valuable way that community comes together to express intention for goodness for the entire world.  Ceremony brings us together as a tribe, a community, a world family. This workshop explores the elements of Ceremony and culminates in an intentional ceremony designed by the participants.

still togetherJourney into 
The Heart of Art

    Labrynths, Sandcastles, Mosaics, Murals
together we journey
 into the wonderful experience of
 creating community through the
 mandala of sharing magic.

Journey into 
The Heart of Story Telling
Stories are a way to discover our own selves,  our personal histories and the collective histories of all human kind.  When we explore understanding   of these   beliefs we hold 
The Shaman Story Telling  process   takes us into our own 'old' stories and then  carries us into worlds yet to be imagined.  Together, these Transformative workshops  dream us into a new way of being in the world.  It is through this shared collective experience that we image and manifest  a world of  one   shared  global  heart vision.
Journey into 
The Heart of Meditation
Entering into the deep space of Meditation 
We relax into 
the Present moment
Here Peace Lives.

Going to the Gemba!
Stepping out of 
and into 
Real Living Experience.
It's really all about
going to the Heart of the matter.
Showing up
and being present
in every living moment.
'life' has a way of
With unexpected turns of events.
Sometimes Beautiful
Sometimes Challenging
for those who desire
to be fully Awake
Do we 'dream beautiful worlds into being'?!
Not to live in Unreality,
but rather to make
' The Dream '
Our true living awake
As we 
'go to the Gemba'
 in this
full Presence
we learn to Stop 
life in all it's 
awe inspiring
Journey to Joy 
Field Guide For Living Miracles
The  Heart of The Heart
The Heart of Sacred Space
Together we share
 a deep sense of 

We journey and explore 
 The Heart of
Sacred Space
The Heart of the Ocean
The Heart of the Mountains
 The  Heart of the Forest
The Heart of the Desert 
The Heart of Silence


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The Heart of 
Living with 
Mindful Intention
In Community
Radical Spontaneous Volunteer Peace
In this three day journey into volunteering our hearts in radical we explore the amazing possibilities of building peaceful active spontaneous intention within our community.

yiddish-richThe Heart of Money
Living with Money
In this three day
Intensive journey of the heart
we explore our relationships with money.
 Often our relationship with money can sabotage even the best laid plans, dreams and goals.
Together through journey,sharing ceremony and more we get to the heart of the matter.

wintersolstice pivato
The Heart of Grief
Living Through Grief
Three Day Journey to Joy
We all carry grief within is. this is the legacy of our human existence. Whether it comes from childhood trauma, loss of a loved one or loss of something dear to us, this time is set aside to meet our grief in a loving and safe environment of peace. 

Joy Filled Journeys of the Heart
Experience Peace
Harmonizing love fills us up
from the inside out and 
love flows effortlessly forth.

We have several shared meals
and also an opportunity to explore nearby towns and contribute to the local economy by enjoying the fine restaurants and cafes available!

Youth are invited by donation, 
and some partial work/scholarship assistance is available if needed.As always,  no one turned away for lack of funds. 
Love, Libi

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