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Libi Kavanah - Meditations of the heart for family community nature connection

Sasquatch Forest by sixstringphonicChurch of the Sasquatch
Sasquatch Saves!
Save the planet by loving it! 
10171844 230896510441330 4145494297726635517 nThe Church of the Sasquatch is FREE!
and all ways will be!
1534959 611754368894489 1023191525 oWhere WE all 
Come together

Donations gladly accepted!

Church of the Sasquatch
 is  Dedicated to Protecting Our Wild and creating 
World Wide Ordinaces
 and Sanctuaries  For The Wild 

Brenda Lindstedt 
the pastor is... you. the rules are.. simple. 
Libi Kavanah
Believers anonymous
DeAnna Nolan
Believers unanimous......
Richard Kent Matthews
Believers Obnoxious!! haaaa
Save our home, save our country, save our world
Church of the Sasquatch
NO! we're not cwazy
but we are committed to keeping the wild WILD and the Legends ALIVE!!!!
Members of the 
Church of the Sasquatch are
 environmental stewards.
 We encourage placing and purchasing land as trusts /
Saving the Wild Lands for our Beloved Squatch!
Church of Sasquatch Members support organizations dedicated to keeping our wild wild!
Church of the Sasquatch
Imagine if
We made all the wooded Wilded Places
Churches for the FREE
to come to worship to play to praise to commune together or in solitude
Imagine if EVERY wild spot on every small patch of ground on this earth or hearth or Heart
Was a place where Wildness was honored Protected emulated and left to be
completely freee!
Church of The Sasquatch
POBox 10703
Bainbridge Is., WA

 Join over 1500 members!!
in working to keep the wild ! wild!

sasquatch3S. History SasquatchBELIEVE-SASQUATCH-FONE-SQUATCHIN-FUNNY-FINDING-BIGFOOT-BIG-FOOT-T-SHIRT-TEE-new-forestEvery day I fall more in LOVE with the Church of the Sasquatch.  We as a group of people are amazing in our dedication to protecting and preserving all the wild places of life - our world, our hearts, our minds, our spirits and our shared respect and trust for one another creates a place where it is safe to show up and be who we are  always questing, questioning wondering and wandering with peace into the wild places of this world.  Yes we may have our differences - who doesn't , but we have an over riding dedication to peace respect for all life. This is a great community and I am loving watching it grow myths-legends-big-bigfoot-sasqwatch-hunters-bigfeet-aman39lsasquatch5sasquatch blurrybigfoot1
  I  have to say
of all the places on facebook to hang outChurch of the Sasquatchmy fav place to just 'be'!It' fun, funny, silly , creative, ingeneous, caring, wise, considerate, loyal , respectful . irreligeous, irreverent, non-preachy, and anything goes. Somehow it has attracted the nicest most fun people on or off Facebook'

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