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RSVP Volunteers

RSVP Volunteers
 support the 
Families of 
Children in Hospitals.
We are the Ones
Who Show Up and offer
Compassionate Kindness
Relaxation, Music, Meditation, Story
Just Being
Thank you!
Our Story

Jambalaya Began in the NICU
Libi Kavanah's Grandson was born two months premature.     
   During the first month of his life the family took turns  staying  with him in the NICU,
Kangarooing and singing softly to him.
 While he was in the
Neonatal Intensive Care Unit,
Libi noticed that there were 
alarms and bells monitoring the infants health. 
These went off constantly.
Libi wondered what affect this
 'alarming' introduction to life would have on these
 small beings.
Libi decided then and there that she would contact
some of her musician friends and have them help her
create soothing sounds tuned specifically to the soothing frequencies of the Alpha and Theta waves.
These gentle Sound Waves 
softly interwoven into music
that incorporate the 'bells, whistles and 
alarms'of the hospital setting
 transforming the NICU 'noise' into a more soothing atmosphere
.By turning the 'noise' of the hospital into 
subtle soft healing soothing music 
Libi believed that the children's first
 life experience could be gently
 transformed from aplace of fear into a 
place of calm peace  

When her grandson grew big enough to 
come home from the hospital, 
Libi continued to be an important person
in his life.
She would often take walks with him on her back.
They would walk along the beach and
Libi made up songs about what they saw as they went along. 
 Libi was inspired  to design a family music program
especially for her grandson and for all the families of
Children in the NICU, PECU or who have special needs. Libi worked for 4 years compiling just the right music
to bring the feelings of 
love and togetherness and 
fun into the
music program she envisioned.
The Music you hear on this website  page s the music
 Libi worked with to create for the NICU and PECU as well as for the Parents of these Children.
Feel Free to purchase this beautiful CD and contribute to PEACE in this World!!

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