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The Daily Ummmm??!!
The Daily Um  is a humorous meditation
the curious and oft asked question
What??!!! Why??!!
One day, Gracie, aged 6
told me she had water in her ear. 
 So I said to her 
try meditating for a bit  to see if it goes away. 
Gracie quickly went into 
'the lotus position'
her hands outstretched on her perfect bent knees. 
I was very surprised 
since to my knowledge 
meditation was new to her.
I asked her where she learned how to meditate.
Her answer was
 'On a cartoon!' 
Then she began saying ' ummm!' 
I asked her what she was saying.
She said to me  with 'that look' that says 'NONA!!!
I can't believe you don't know this!
You're supposed to say 'ummm!'

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