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Libi Kavanah - Meditations of the heart for family community nature connection
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Libi Kavanah
Mystery Writer

Pamela Champagne Mystery Series
Snoop Dog Detective Series
Gabrielle Oaks Mystery Series
Sophie Bramble Mystery Series
Angels Mystery Series
Grandmother Spider and Coyote series
The Magic Drawer Series
Animal Tales Series

Field Guide to Living Miracles
The Heart of the Heart
Off the Beaten Track
My Neck Of the Woods
Zen Pool
Zen Golf
Leave No Trace
Teach No Harm
The Bottom of The Canyon
Hiking My Toenails Off
Traveling Light
Journey to Joy
Moon Void of Course
Pathways to  Present 
The Brady Girls
Psalms for Every Day 
Life Cycle of Butterflies
Out of the Shadows
The Heart of the Healer
Pachamamas Playground
Unringing the Bell
Sub-Urban Homelessness
Sacred Ground on Faultlines
Question Everything

"Through the 
Practice  of'Looking with new eyes',The world is made new! "
The Heart of The Heart Shamanism
Libi Kavanah

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