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Libi Kavanah
Eco- Spiritual Stories 
for Every One!

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"I firmly believe that the writer has a responsibility to their readers to give more than just a good story or plot. The writer must realize their role as safeguarders and guides  to the  readers 
subconscious and their conscious."LK   

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That being said...
"I seriously BELIEVE that LIFE is  simply too important to take so SERIOUSLY!!!
Learn to Bless and Release
There is very very little in this world that we have absolute control over.
And TRUST me!
 The minute you think you do,
 that's when 
The Divine Comedy Improv Team comes in and 
pulls the chair out from under you! 
Betcha didn't see that Coming!" LK

lightning oak
  poet, mystic, sage,  naturalist,
wisdom~story keeper, 
mystery writer
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Field guide into the unknown reaches of our heart,
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Naturalist Writer
" as a constant traveler, I write what I see in this amazing world we inhabit. 
I am a naturalist  writer with a fierce dedication to keeping the wild wild, and our built environment livable, sustainable and healthy
for all life
including plants, animals and our young'

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Story Weaver
In every situation: goodness is there... our goal is to find it. In every person: the best is there... our purpose is to discover it. In every challenge: the positive is there... our opportunity is to see it. In every problem, the solution is there... our responsibility is to provide it. In every setback, success is there... our adventure is to discover it. In every crisis the reason is there... our challenge is to understand it. May we find it, discover it, recognize it, see it, provide it and understand it.
Happy New Year... We can only try something new if we let go of the old. If we keep copy-pasting our past how will we ever experience something new? Let us begin this year with letting-go of the old. May our every step have the excitement and enthusiasm of a child; May our every word have the gentleness of a breeze; May our every thought have the sweetness of a flower; May our every action have the purity of nectar... and may our every feeling have the strength to uplift and empower others. Spread peace, love and happiness to everyone around you.
May this year bring with it the fulfillment of each and every one of your dreams. May all your sorrows and suffering remain in the past and all your joys and happiness follow you into the New Year! I hope this year brings all the peace, joy and happiness that you all so rightfully deserve. May God's blessings always stay with you and your family and may you always find light in the path you choose to walk... Happy New Year and God Bless! ... copy write author- 

Field Guide To Living Miracles
Journey to Joy
The Heart of the Healer
The Way of Wisdom
Seeing with the Eyes of Love.
   The Way of Living Miracles.
Today, Be Peace
Dancing at the Edges of Magic
Living on the Cusp of Possibility
Dedicated to Keeping the wild

The Begging Bowl
Mandala Meditations

The Eco-Spiritual Murder Mystery 

elevates the reader's awareness to the reality of Oneness. 
Ms. Kavanah is an avid student of Life, Quantum Physics, Environmental Science and World Religions and Cultures.
The Eco-Spiritual Murder Mystery  
awakens the reader to the many soul satisfying ways each individual walks on their way to the realization of oneness in relationship with All.
The Eco-Spiritual Murder Mystery  respectfully examines the many different and varied  spiritual and religious paths each of us travels upon in our own unique journey as we open to an experience with 
Unknown Mystery
The Eco- Spiritual Mysteries are dedicated to 
the Principles
Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

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The Gabrielle Oaks Mystery Series
Pacific Northwest Mystery Writer. Mother of Bobby, Rigel and Magdala Orion.
Gabrielle 'dreams' up mysteries that lead her into a world where fantasy and reality merge. Ms.Oaks has been heard to say of her life 'it is like Escher's hands drawing each other'.

Vampire Moon
A Magdala Orion Mystery Series
Dancing Moon Publications

"From the AP "A tearful Undersheriff Brian Anderson announced the discovery of the body, his voice breaking at one point."He was very motivated," Anderson said. "We were having trouble in there. He traveled a long distance."Earlier in the day, searchers said they had uncovered clues that  suggested Kim had shed clothing and arranged it to give searchers clues  to his whereabouts. They had also made plans to drop rescue packages  with clothing, emergency gear and provisions.Kim, 35, was a senior editor for the technology media company CNET  Networks Inc. He and his family had been missing since Nov. 25.  Theywere heading home to San Francisco after a family vacation in the  were heading home to San Francisco after a family vacation in the  Pacific Northwest.Kim's wife, Kati, told officers that the couple made a wrong turn andbecame stuck in the snow. They used their car heater until they ran outof gas, then burned tires to stay warm and attract attention. With onlya few jars of baby food and limited supplies, Kati Kim nursed her  children."

The Pamela Champagne Mystery SeriesNight Dancer
Under a Blood Moon
A Pamela Champagne
Historic Preservation Mystery
Pamela Champagne drops into the world of Voodoo and Santeria while working on The Historic Preservation of the Point Reyes Lighthouse Project in the Marin Headlands Wilderness.

An Historic Lighthouse Mystery
Dancing Moon Publications

SURFER MYSTERY Series!  Ghost Trees

The body of local surfer washes up on the Big Sur beach after a storm of Historic Big Waves. When the body is recovered, a second body is revealed, and a modern day ancient Chinese ritual death is uncovered.

A Snoop Dog Detective Mystery
Dancing Moon Publications

reiki peaceful spirit dove

Angels Unaware Mystery Series
Dancing Moon Publications

multi cultural kidsThe Halfmoon Bay Detective Series
The Halfmoon Bay 'kid' reporters are
 always on the scent of mystery.
Dancing Moon Books 

moon phases
Ms. Kavanah's first experience with murder was when a body was found in a vacant wooded lot near her Portland, OR Southwest Hills home as a child. She found herself making up stories to 'explain' who this person was and why they had been murdered. From that moment on, Ms. Kavanah became fascinated with the idea behind murders. She thought then, and remains convinced that
“The Murder is never the real story.The real story is always about the People,The People and their Relationships” Pamela Champagne, Night Dancer
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Ms. Kavanah was raised in an omni-faith neighborhood. 
Here, in the homes of her many friends, she was introduced  first hand  to a variety of  cherished and loved religious practices.
Inspired by this diversity, Ms. Kavanah went on to study, teach and live in NYC. Ms Kavanah was fortunate to live in Hell's Kitchen and to teach in Harlem. She formally studied at Hunter University, The New School for Social Research and NYU.
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Some of her  informal studies included visiting the MOMA,The New York Film Anthology and Slugs where she heard amazing Jazz and made friends with members from the group Pharaoh Sanders.
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Ms. Kavanah continued her studies at the University of Oregon in Religion examining  the  interrelationships between Folklore, Story, World Myths, Ethnic-Musicology, Cultural and Topographical Geography and Religion.
Ms. Kavanah  currently has an oral history project with NOAA which researches the interplay and importance of the ocean on culture along the Pacific Rim.
Ms. Kavanah's passion as a teacher has touched many lives from from Kindergarten through college and beyond. 
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10363974 10152515920719341 2151638361341793114 n She loves 'story time' best - even for her high school students! And the best stories are always the stories shared among friends. 

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Ms.Kavanah considers all of her students friends.
 Ms.Kavanah loves all kinds of stories and is blessed to have people of all ages and cultures share their stories with her.  
photo (93)Ms.  Kavanah's  own personal spiritual path has led her from Baptist to Buddhist with many meanderings in between.
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 Ms Kavanah was a 3rd Order Carmelite for 10 years, she is trained in Healing Prayer Ministry, Spiritual Direction and currently she enjoys the fellowship of her friends in Celebrating Shabbat, Sweat Lodges, Kirtans, Homas, Sangas, Munaky Peruvian Rites, Universal Dances of Peace, Shamanism, Wiccan Celebrations and even an occasional Catholic Mass. Ms Kavanah is a Master Reiki Teacher and uses Quantum Physics to explain how Reiki Energy works.
One of Ms. Kavanah's current projects is The Feminine Forum with Pachamama on Facebook.
 The Feminine Forum with Pachamama is a vehicle to facilitate our transfiguration into 'full bodied' light spirit.
The Feminine Forum is a double entendre on the familiar  concept  'Feminine Form  Although The Forum  began as a frustration with the media  and it's  capitalization of the 'feminine form', it is now much much more than that. 
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The Feminine Forum with Pachamama is about facilitating and moving beyond the physical form  each of us identifies and into a unified oneness of spirit, understanding, compassion and respect for all life.
"I look for the day when we forget we are feminine masculine mentally ill mentally well tigers turtles doves or monkeys.. Sagittarians Pisces, Doctors, Writers Jews Christians Hindus liberals conservatives southern northwestern ......
And we just show up In Fully Formed Spirit
The feminine forum 'believe it or not' is a vehicle to facilitate this transformation this transfiguration.
It is it's raison d'etre
peace libi"
me as angel in red
Ms. Kavanah was raised in Portland, Oregon and was privileged to have excellent teachers who instructed her in the care and stewardship of the environment from a very young age. She currently practices Eco-Kashrut and encourages others in this discipline of mindfulness and stewardship of our planet and the living beings who dwell and depend on the healthy vital resources we all share.
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"The Greatest mystery of all
is the mystery we call Love" lk
Ms. Kavanah is a student of Romance  in Literature through the ages. She is a lover of many of the best women novelists who also dabble in the intricacies of Romance and the Art of being feminine as well as True to Yourself as a woman. Some of her best loved authors include Jane Austen, Louisa May Alcott, Maude Hart Lovelace, Beatrix Potter and Miss Read. Ms. Kavanah believes that by bringing Romance into many of her  Mystery Novels she guides the Reader in discovering new unexplored areas of their human heart.
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