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My Teachers~Friends
Thank you for your
Michelle Crisanti
Who shares the
 Divine Comedy
with me.
Leia Hart
Who lives the Way of the Shaman as Direct Revelation and inspires others to find their own Way of the Heart
Lisa Kaye
Sacred Chant
 I absolutely love the work you do!!!! The loving energy you bring to the time spent in sacred chant is peace for my soul!!!
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Wake and Kinlen
More than Munay-ki or the Peruvian Way, they teach love and acceptance,
 ceremony and
Alan Stein
Sacred Space holder
for the
Un1verse of Love
Nicky Sculley
Nicky's work spans
 time worlds 
and universes
David Maloney
is dedicated to teaching the Way of the Peaceful warrior through fun, humor and laughing JOY!
Barb Ryan
is simply
LLama Tsering
teaches true
Heart Connection
Hanan Sills
My mentor
My Sage
Mark Rovan
Who inspires me to 'write my voice,
 teaches Love
The Joy of  Surfing
Jeremiah Miller
Who teaches me loving living in the Moment
Thank you Jeremiah for many of the beautiful photos on my sites. 
Howard Bott
Who teaches me more than I can even imagine.
lullworth3Angelita Rae
Who teaches me the 'Indian' Way
Catherine Van Wetter
She holds Sacred Space
 in her Family Constellation
work that allows
real healing to take hold.
Ellen Mossman
Her work with infants and Children is wonderful to witness.
Alida Birch
Holder of Sacred Space  for the monthly Shamanic Healing work to take place
Reid Hart
An amazing dedicated
Shaman and teacher
Karuna Gatton
She re-introduced me to the Arch Angels. Karuna teaches me fierce courageous compassion and Trust  
Jai Kartar Kaur (Joan Davis)
My Sat Nam Rasayan teacher
and so much more. Her dedication to teaching kundalini yoga is inspiring.
Teaches me the
Joy of Imagination
Teaches me
Loving Boundaries
Teaches me the importance of a
Teaches me to
Who reminds me to giggle and Laugh
Every Day!
All Children Every Where
They remind me
Who I really am
Teaches me the
Delight and Joy
 in each moment
They teach me the
ever abiding
Dimension Of Goodness
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Ganesh Mala Mantra
Album: Divine Chants of Ganesh. Artiste: Uma Mohan
y shamanic Heal
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